We Wolves

Yes, We Wolves. We are Wolves. Not exactly, but still, as I mentioned somewhere else: I strongly believe we all feel a very strong connection with our more ‘wild’ side, the part of us that is not really coming to surface in our nowadays everyday lives, filled with desks and cars and screens. But I am so sure we all feel this connection to our core strength, this essence perhaps, for some of us hidden more deep down than for others.

We all also feel the pressure of modern lifestyle and a lot of us cannot cope with that pressure anymore, so we seek for other ways of living.

The balance between male & female energy is so lost, since we live in a society driven by performing, doing (doing, doing) and a lineair vision of growth, and we could benefit from a more circular perspective and let us just be as well. Be in touch with our core selves. Use our senses, our instincts, our flow, move to our own rhythm.

A healthy woman is much like a wolf:
she is robust, chock-full, has strong
life force, is life-giving, territorially aware,
inventive, loyal, wandering.

Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs
Women Who Run With The Wolves